Glass Block Installation
Glass Blocks are a great way to add a unique look to your home or business. There are also many benefits to replacing normal windows with Glass Block windows.
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Why Glass Block?
Thieves can force their way into a home or business by simply opening or breaking a window. Glass Block windows are strong, durable, and cannot be forced open or broken with ease.
Glass Block windows are harder to see through while still letting in enough sunlight to light a room. This makes them useful for rooms that need some extra privacy.
Basement windows can create huge drafts, which cost the home or business owner money. To prevent this unnecessary cost, we use white water resistant mortar between each block and during installation. The white mortar creates secure and durable bond that will not only last longer, but prevent heat loss.
Services We Offer

Our services stretch beyond the realm of basic security expertise of crime prevention, detecting and reporting.


Armed/Unarmed Security

We provide highly trained security guards that are certified, licensed, and committed to safety.

Large Event

Event Security

With many different kinds of people attending an event, security is very important to keep everyone safe. We can provide guards and security systems to deter crime from your event.

Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention

Protect your company’s merchandise and profits with one of our trained loss prevention specialists.

Guard Watching Video Surveillance

24 Hour Dispatch Service

Our 24 hour dispatch service is alway available when you need immediate assistance from us.

Fire Watch

Fire Watch/Emergency Board Up

When a fire or bad weather strikes, our fire watch and emergency board up services are here to help prevent destruction of your property.

Surveillance Camera

Camera/Alarm Installation

Our high-end security camera and alarm systems will keep an eye on your property when you aren’t around.

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About Us
We are a facilities management company here to service all your safety and security needs in the Metro-Detroit area. We are committed to protecting you, your assets, and your personnel.

We provide a unique blend of security, administrative, customer service, and installation professionals that are tailored to each clients’ specific conditions. We offer threat-assessment consultations and 24/7 rapid response service which include emergency board up services and glass block installation. As a contract security provider, our team will offer the perfect partnership for our client and will take pride and ownership in representing your company.

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