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Mobile Surveillance Security Camera Trailer For Security & Protective Services Onsite At Retail Shopping Center

Mobile Surveillance Security Camera Trailers

Virtual guards are the perfect option when a dedicated live guard is more than you need but a security presence IS a necessity. Our virtual guards come with a variety of options that are tailored to your specific needs.

Armed Securit Protective Services Guard Onsite At Retail Performing Loss Prevention

Armed/Unarmed Security

Our highly trained armed and unarmed security guards are committed to the safety of you, your employees and your guests.  We can handle points of entry, foot patrols, mobile vehicle patrols, stationary observations, bag checks, ID checks, metal detectors, front desk reception and so much more.  Each guard receives our extensive in-house training and is additionally trained at your site before they start service.  A supervisor will meet with you to learn the needs and the nuances that our guards will need to be aware of prior to the first shift.  Our supervisors are on duty 24-hours a day, 365 days per year for your convenience.  Our supervisors regularly make spot checks to ensure that the job is being performed to the standards laid out in the contract.    We have serviced numerous industries and are happy to provide references upon request.  Our qualifications are equivalent to the United States Government’s Federal Protective Services. This includes an extensive background check and drug screening, via IdentoGo and ICHAT, along with a check into the applicants driving records as well. Background checks are conducted yearly with at least 5 random drug tests per year for each guard.

Day Porter Cleaning Retail Shopping Center For Security Protective Services

Cleaning & Portering

Fire Watch / Emergency Board Up

When a fire or bad weather strikes, count on our team to help prevent destruction of your property. Our fire watch service is perfect for businesses doing work that comes with a high risk of fire. If a fire occurs, a trained fire watch member will be there to quickly extinguish the fire. In addition, our emergency board up service is perfect for areas where harsh weather can be a threat to your property.

Event Security

With many different kinds of people attending an event, security is very important to keep everyone safe. We can provide guards and security systems to deter crime, allowing your event to run smoothly and uninterrupted.

Glass-Block-Window-Being Installed By A-Security & Protective Services Employee

Glass Block Installation

Glass Block is a great way to add a unique look to your home or business. Glass Block has many uses ranging from outdoor solutions, such as windows, skylights, or egress well windows, to indoor decorations, like shower walls or flooring. Glass Block can improve security, increase privacy, save money, and add overall value to your property.

SPS Glass Block Installation Website

Why Security & Protective Services?

  • Experience

    Although SPS was officially formed in 2016, the command staff has over 25 years of experience in both private security and public safety.

  • Above Average Pay

    While most companies charge more and pay their guards less, SPS firmly believes in taking care of not just the client, but the security officers as well.

  • The Latest Technology

    SPS keeps up with current technology and trends. SPS is starting into “virtual guards” and looking into dash cams, drones and other state of the art technology.

  • Customer Service

    Attention to detail and customer service are not common anymore.  You won’t see other security companies where the owner works the field every week, all the while meeting with clients and potential clients.

  • We Work With You

    SPS works with our client’s budget and has special discounts that can be added.

  • Local

    SPS is and always will be a Michigan based, family owned company.

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